Preparing for a flight is often stressful, and trying to figure out airport parking can be just as aggravating. We are going to go over the pros and cons of both on-site airport parking, and off-site airport parking, so you can make the best decision for your next trip!

On-site Airport Parking

By “on-site”, we mean the parking lots on airport grounds. Often times these parking lots are city owned and operated by the airport. Let’s start with our pros list. The biggest advantage is obviously the convenience. The ease of getting out of your car and being at the doors of the airport are almost unbeatable! When you’re in a rush it may even seem like your only option, but what many people don’t know is that on-site parking lots may be lacking in security. At the airport, it seems pretty obvious that the attention needs to be focused on its internal security. There are so many people inside trying to keep you safe, but at the same time they might not be as vigilant about your car outside.

outside. On-site Parking

Here are some cons about on-site parking:

  • High Pricing: On-site parking can be significantly more expensive than off-site parking
  • Limited Space: On-site parking often has problem with overcrowding
  • Security Concerns: Security focused internally
  • Heavy Traffic: Lots of people and car go through airport parking lots each day

Off-site Airport Parking

By “off-site”, we mean private parking services near airports. Privately owned means that each one is a little different and it gives you as the customer, room to find the best fit for you and your car.

Indoor Valet at Canopy Airport Parking

Here is our list of pros for off-site airport parking:

  • Big Lots: Off-site parking lots tend to be much bigger and almost always has open spots
  • Reasonable Pricing: You can even find deals and coupons online
  • Focused Security: We are here to keep your car safe
  • Light Traffic: Not as much coming and going for short stay at the airport
  • Customer Service: People there to help if anything goes wrong or you need a hand

Sounds pretty great right? The most common complaint is the time it takes. It can be hard to estimate enough time to shuttle from the off-site lot to the airport but using the list above as proof, it is well worth it!

At Canopy Airport Parking, we pride ourselves in being green and always putting our customers first. We have rewards programsvalet servicescar cleaning/detail services, and more! We can’t wait for you to give us a try and let us prove to you how easy off-site parking can be!