ev charging station

Americans should expect to see a lot more EV charging stations pop up around their cities. The rapid transformation of the American electronic car industry is really quite electric (pun intended). Although discussions about the incoming market for electronic cars have been hovering for a while, it’s only in the last 5 years that the consumer demand has solidified. People have taken to the idea that sustainable driving is effective and good for the environment. It is a point of pride to change the industry for the better. The industry has benefited from giant business players like Elon Musk entering the industry. Elon Musk and his Tesla Motors company are working tirelessly to increase the sale of electronic vehicles and improve the conditions for owners of electronic vehicles.

  ev charging station

Lot’s of Cars, Not Many Charging Stations

The rapid growth in the sale of electronic vehicles will only increase. Currently, however, the market is in a period of transition, as companies and cities scale up to meet the demands. The demand for e-vehicles comes with a few factors that require collaboration between cities and car owners. One of the differences between electronic cars and traditional vehicles is that electronic vehicles require public charging stations. So the issue is: there are tonnes of electric cars driving around, but not enough charging stations to help people stay on the road for proper commuting. The purchase of e-vehicles comes with a home charging station. Usually, they are charged overnight at people’s homes, which helps to obscure another issue with electronic vehicles: they take a long time to charge. The current batch of e-vehicles on the market can run 8-10 hours before the battery dies. Then it takes a few hours to re-charge the battery. Consider someone who wanted to take a road trip from Northern California to San Diego. Charging stations would need to be accessible within 8 hr distances. Otherwise, the trip would be impossible. Solving this issue is easy. Cities simply need to build more charging stations.  

More Businesses Should Offer EV Charging Stations

There are already some businesses that offer EV charging stations as part of their service. It is important that other types of business build stations as well so that the entire country is as populated with EV charging stations as they are with gas stations.