Canopy Airport Parking is Denver International Airport’s new parking choice for indoor valet, covered self-park, and open air parking. Indoor valet parking offers DIA travelers a novel level of luxury, speed and convenience at the Denver Airport. Canopy Covered Self-Park, with a single roof spanning several acres, offers comparable protection to a multi-level concrete structure. A large fleet of new shuttle buses, providing free transport to and from DIA approximately every 10 minutes, 24 hours every day, and an unparalleled focus on customer service, make Canopy Airport Parking the best DIA parking.

Canopy is no ordinary parking lot – Canopy Airport Parking’s Denver location is a sophisticated, efficient, and green parking facility utilizing solar, geothermal, and wind power combined with CNG and Biodiesel shuttle buses. Canopy Airport Parking is a Green Parking Council Certified Demonstrator Site, and is registered with the certification goal of LEED® Certified Gold.