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Canopy Partners with Clean Cities Coalition

The state of Colorado is consistently ranked as one of the most bike and hiker friendly states in the nation with a record number of Coloradans taking advantage of our great outdoors every year. We are proud to be part of protecting these invaluable assets for years by operating an environmentally friendly business. Canopy’s obsessive focus on energy efficiency and commitment to integrate all the greatest new green technologies, is nothing new to Colorado and we happy to fit right in.

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Canopy Cares: Donate to Susan G Komen

In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are offering our customers 15% off their purchase while donating 15% of the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

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Poll: What’s Your Main Airport Parking Concern?

At Canopy Airport Parking, we understand traveling can raise many concerns. We strive to ensure that airport parking doesn’t have to be an obstacle, so you can focus on your upcoming journey. That’s why we are reaching out to our customers to see exactly what concerns they have, so we can develop new ways to help you. Below is a brief opinion poll that will provide us with the guidance we need to guarantee our customers have total peace of mind when they trust Canopy Parking with their car. It will only take a few seconds to make a big difference! 

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The Importance of EV Charging Stations

ev charging station

Americans should expect to see a lot more EV charging stations pop up around their cities.  The rapid transformation of the American electronic car industry is really quite electric (pun intended).  Although discussion about the incoming market for electronic cars was hovering for a while, it’s only in the last 5 years that the consumer demand has solidified.  People have taken to the idea that sustainable driving is effective and good for the environment.  It is a point of pride to change the industry for the better.

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2017 TSA Screening Procedures

Nobody looks forward to the TSA security screening. This dreaded part of airport travel can be long, uncomfortable, and embarrassing. The TSA has many rules and regulations but not all of them are intuitive to the average traveler. A lot of people are unaware of various programs they can pre-qualify for, in order to make the airport security process easier and quicker. Additionally, being familiar with TSA rules and regulations will enable you to pack accordingly and not be the one causing delays because of a water bottle or a pair of scissors.

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Common Travel Scams to Avoid

When traveling in foreign countries, you may find yourself outside of your comfort zone. With so many pieces to get in order and the confusion of operating in a foreign environment, there is often more room for error. Unfortunately criminals and thieves are aware of this reality and frequently prey on travelers. There are tons of scams, fraud and outright stealing that the modern globetrotter has to be aware of and prepared for.

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3 Reasons To Buy An Electric Vehicle

ev charging station

As electric vehicles become more evolved, more affordable and EV car charging becomes more accessible for the average consumer, it is becoming an increasingly appealing choice for a personal vehicle. Many people see it as not only an environmental choice but also as an economical option for helping reduce their cost of transportation.

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Latest and Greatest In Electric Vehicles

ev car charging

We really care about the environment at Canopy Airport Parking. This is part of the reason that we provide EV car charging services at our facility. Our business is based on vehicles, so we are always very excited to hear news about electric vehicles. We hope to see more electric vehicles on the road in the near future. This why our green parking facility provides EV car charging. The best part about being a company that offers electric vehicle charging is that we get the opportunity to see new electric and hybrid vehicles. This means we connect with like-minded people all of the time. Here is a bit of news on electronic vehicles that has been getting us excited recently! Rumors About An Electric Lamborghini There are rumors that there could be a Lamborghini electric vehicle in the near future. Volkswagen has been talking about new electric vehicles. This signals that their interest in producing clean energy vehicles could extend to include the very best of its brands. Chevy Bolt – Zero Emissions and Zero Maintenance One of the easiest vehicles to maintain available on the market may be the Chevy Bolt. Tire rotation every 7,500 miles is the main recommendation for maintenance of the vehicle. This means no oil changes or any other annoying maintenance procedures that are typically required for traditional gas vehicles. EV Car Charging Infrastructure Across The USA Volkswagen got busted in a diesel emission scandal recently. As a result, they have agreed to fund a

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Book Off-Site Airport Parking Today

long-term parking long-term airport parking

Preparing for a flight is often stressful, and trying to figure out airport parking can be just as aggravating. We are going to go over the pros and cons of both on-site airport parking, and off-site airport parking, so you can make the best decision for your next trip!

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Canopy Celebrates Earth Day

Did you know that April 22nd was Earth Day? Earth day was first celebrated in 1970 and it marks the birth of the modern environmental movement. Here at Canopy Airport Parking, we take Earth Day seriously and with the pride of knowing that we do everything we can to help keep Earth clean!

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