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Denver Airport Getting ‘Green’ Parking Facility

Green Park DIA, a 4,200-stall parking lot servicing Denver International Airport, is setting a goal to be the world’s greenest parking facility. The $32 million Green Park DIA, which is being built to LEED Gold standards from the U.S. Green Building Council, will incorporate a number of environmentally friendly aspects, according to a press release. Construction will take seven months. Green.Switch Capital Corp., a subsidiary of Greenscape Capital Group Inc., will build, operate and own the facility. ProPark USA, which operates 330 parking locations across North America, will own 10 percent of the operation and take part in management. This facility will serve as a marketing showpiece for future business development. Green.Switch aims to sell its services as a third party green retrofitting operation to other parking facilities throughout North America. The company expects net operating income of about $5.1 million a year, on sales of up to $19 million a year. The facility will rely on both solar and wind energy, as well as harness methane from a landfill and use geothermal energy. The parking lot itself will feature porous pavement to prevent excessive runoff of chemicals into the water stream. Customers of the parking facility will be shuttled back and forth to the airport in alternative-fuel shuttles. In other news, Denver International Airport is planning to build a $7 million solar electric-generating system to power its fuel storage and distribution system. This is in addition to its existing 2-megawatt solar photovoltaic system near the terminal. The 1.6-megawatt project

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