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Corporate Environmental Policy

Canopy commits to complete compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. Additionally, Canopy strives to:

• Make the environment an important part of our planning and decision making process.

• Improve our environmental programs in an ongoing, progressive manner.

• Minimize any undesirable environmental impacts caused by our operations.

• Utilize responsible environmental practices with respect to all company-owned, leased and managed properties, in addition to all natural resources under our management.

• Maintain open communication access with employees, government agencies, public officials, the media and the public to meet their information needs in regard to environmental issues.

• Promote the efficient use of energy resources through energy management programs and other cost-effective conservation strategies.

• Ensure the proper handling and disposal of all wastes, while identifying opportunities to recycle and reuse these waste materials.

• Support research and development of programs and technologies aimed at minimizing the environmental impacts and carbon footprint of company operations.

• Educate employees to be accountable for their environmental impact and encourage them to seek unique methods to better the environmental safety of our facilities and operations.

• Actively engage our company with government agencies and others in framing responsible standards and regulations affecting our host communities, the workplace and the environment.

• Continuously research and implement emerging technologies and practices into our daily operations that will have a positive impact on the environment and further reduce our company’s carbon footprint.

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