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LED Lighting

Canopy Airport Parking uses efficient LED lighting in Indoor Valet, Covered Self-Park, and Open Air Parking.  Lighting is a major source of energy consumption by parking facilities, and the LED lights contribute substantially to the overall energy efficiency of Canopy.

Testing by the Luminaire Testing Laboratory, Inc., demonstrates that these lights provide exceptional focus and even distribution, with virtually no light directed upwards, and almost all light directed to parking areas.

Canopy’s Open Air Parking lights are rated for an even longer life-span – around 130,000 hours!  They offer exceptional targeting, and are approved by the International Dark Sky Association, because of their low contribution to light pollution.

If all parking facilities in America were converted to LED lighting, the resulting energy savings would be equivalent to the electrical use of 1.3 million average households, according to a joint study by the International Parking Institute and the US Department of Energy.

Conventional outdoor lighting is commonly high-intensity discharge, a type of arc lamp using electricity to heat metal salts into glowing plasma. LED lighting, in contrast, uses current passing through a diode, causing electrons to release photons.  It’s the same underlying technology used in modern large screen televisions.

LED Lighting has a number of advantages:

  • LED lights can save up to 70% in energy costs compared with conventional lighting.
  • Directionality: LED lights put light where it’s needed; they reduce light pollution.  LED lighting offers less glare and a more uniform level of light, reducing hot spots and dark spots.
  • LED lights do not use Mercury – no toxic waste for landfills when they are discarded.
  • LED lights have a very long life – 50,000 hours more; at least 4 times conventional outdoor lighting lifespan.  They won’t need to be discarded often.
  • LED lights have great performance in cold weather; contrasted with conventional lighting efficiency drops with temperature.
  • LED lights are pleasing to the human eye, providing an accurate rendering of color and improving  security camera imaging.
  • There is no warm-up time; LED lights come on instantly!
  • LED lights have a very long life – up to 100,000 hours; and up to 8 times conventional outdoor lighting lifespan.  They won’t need to be discarded often.


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