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Canopy Airport Parking Announces Electric Vehicle Charging Initiatives

Commuter EV Quick Charge Stations



Commerce City – As part of National Drive Electric Week, Propark America has announced that its Canopy Airport Parking facility is offering new EV charging programs to guests and area residents.

“As electric vehicles continue to grow in popularity, it is particularly important to scale infrastructure to meet the demand for EV charging,” said Lesley Byram, director of sales and marketing for Canopy Airport Parking. “Since Canopy is a sustainable facility, it makes a lot of sense for us to carry the torch in that regard to ensure that we do our part to further the electric vehicle revolution.”

Canopy Airport Parking will be unveiling their 5280 EV Club, which will avail members free charging services at Canopy’s Juice Bar charging stations and a generous thirty percent discount on Denver Airport Parking. Additionally, Canopy will offer a quick charge service for electric vehicles, where people will only pay for the applicable parking fee during the time that it takes for their car to charge.

“Our calculations show that the average cost for our quick charge service offering will only be a few dollars,” continued Byram. “People will be able to stop at Canopy Airport Parking, pull into the facility and charge their vehicle for a fraction of the cost of filling up a conventional vehicle gas tank. We’ll be looking to promote awareness of these offerings through partnerships with local EV organizations and entities, such as Drive Electric Northern Colorado and the Denver Electric Vehicle Club.”

Canopy Airport Parking, which opened in November of 2010, features geothermal heating and cooling, a wind turbine farm, solar panel fields and other advanced technologies, allowing Canopy to run on 75% less energy than comparable facilities. Canopy is LEED Certified Gold and one of the country’s first Certified Green Garages through the Green Parking Council.

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