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Denver International Airport Parking Myths Busted

Denver International Airport


(DENVER) A common misconception nowadays is that you can get a lift to the airport for less than if you drove yourself and paid for parking at DIA. Not too long ago, we came across an article that said an Uber ride cost a customer over $600 to get to the airport – no joke. This prompted us to do a little research and the results were pretty much what we expected.
In many cases car services such as Uber can be fantastic options for mobility, but might not be the most cost effective or convenient option when it comes to the airport. At Canopy, you choose where you would like to park at our facility, and we come to you.  Our shuttle drivers will assist you with the luggage from your vehicle and load everything onto our shuttle, and then we dash over to the airport and drop you off directly at the airline terminal.  For convenience, we drop off for each airline on both the east and west side of DIA. In other words, we got you covered from every angle!  Upon your return, our shuttle will pick you up from either terminal, swiftly transport you back to Canopy Airport Parking, dropping you off directly at your vehicle and assisting with luggage each step of the way. DIA parking has never been easier or more efficient!


An average stay at Canopy is typically around $40, whereas Uber can often exceed $100 for round trip transport. Enjoy travel convenience at a cheaper price when you park at Canopy.  Plus sign up for the free Canopy rewards program to save daily and earn free days of parking at Denver International Airport.


Our advice?  If you need a quick ride across town, Uber (and similar services) is a fantastic option, and one that we’re a big fan of.  But when it comes to the airport?  Your best bet for parking near Denver Airport is Canopy Airport Parking.


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