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Latest and Greatest In Electric Vehicles

We really care about the environment at Canopy Airport Parking. This is part of the reason that we provide EV car charging services at our facility. Our business is based on vehicles, so we are always very excited to hear news about electric vehicles.

We hope to see more electric vehicles on the road in the near future. This why our green parking facility provides EV car charging. The best part about being a company that offers electric vehicle charging is that we get the opportunity to see new electric and hybrid vehicles. This means we connect with like-minded people all of the time.

Here is a bit of news on electronic vehicles that has been getting us excited recently!

Rumors About An Electric Lamborghini

There are rumors that there could be a Lamborghini electric vehicle in the near future. Volkswagen has been talking about new electric vehicles. This signals that their interest in producing clean energy vehicles could extend to include the very best of its brands.

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Chevy Bolt – Zero Emissions and Zero Maintenance

One of the easiest vehicles to maintain available on the market may be the Chevy Bolt. Tire rotation every 7,500 miles is the main recommendation for maintenance of the vehicle. This means no oil changes or any other annoying maintenance procedures that are typically required for traditional gas vehicles.

EV Car Charging Infrastructure Across The USA

Volkswagen got busted in a diesel emission scandal recently. As a result, they have agreed to fund a large project to bring EV charging stations across the country. The first phase of this project has just been released and this is big news. It means that it will be much easier to start driving an electric vehicle. The project will cost around $2 billion and nearly half of the funds will focus on California.

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