5280/Business Class FAQ


When will my card arrive?

Usually a 5280 card is processed and sent in the mail  in a 2-3 week lead time. We sometimes experience longer lead times based on our inventory of cards. If you have any question, contact Rory at rory@canopyparking.com to get an idea of when a card will be processed.

Why is my account show as inactive?

Your account will not become active until a card is processed and linked to your account.


How do I use my card once it arrives?

Can I add an additional credit card to my account for personal trips?

Yes. Simply sign on to your account, select the “Credit Cards” tab and add your credit card. Make sure the active button is selected next to the credit card you wish to be charged for your visit before you leave.

How do I redeem my frequent parker points?

To redeem your points for free days, sign on to your account, navigate to the “Rewards” tab, select where you would like to park (valet, covered, open air), select the number of days you wish to redeem and then reserve the dates. You will use your 5280 card like you normally do, and will not be charged for the days you have redeemed

NOTE: You must park in the lot in which you reserve with your frequent parker points, or you will be charged for your stay.  If you park valet, you must hand the valet attendant your card to scan you in valet.

How do I get my receipts?

To get a printable receipt for your stay, sign on to your account, navigate to the “Activity” tab, all of your previous stays are located there with a pdf link located to the right of each exit item. Click the pdf link and you can print a receipts

Do I have to have a credit card on file

Yes. Our 5280 and Business Class Clubs allow for us to automate your stay at Canopy. We cannot provide you frequent parking points without membership in the club, which requires at least one credit card on file.